Class 42 Warship Plates

Below is the list of plate available from stock & ready for Dispatch

7mm Scale plates Name plates £10.00 per set

Needs Cutting out by the Customer

D800 Sir Brian Robertson (red & black)

D803 Albion (red & black)

D805 Benbow (red & black)

D808 Centaur ( black)

D813 Diadem (black)

D812 Druid (red & black)

D818 Glory (red & black)

D821 Greyhound (red & black)

D829 Magpie (black)

D832 Onslaught (red & black)

D839 Relentless (red)

D848 Sultan (red & black0

D850 Swift (red & black)

D859 Vanquisher (red & black)

D869 Zest (red & black)

D870 Zulu (red & black)